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Fostering Manny: From Fear to Love

It’s 1pm and I am driving down the road 3 days before Christmas questioning my own sanity. In the backseat are my teenage daughter, her best friend, and a very exuberant 50 pound dog whom we have known for about 10 minutes. He seems friendly yet slightly crazed, pacing back and forth between the two girls, stepping on them and then circling back to poke his head up between the front seats. Round and round he goes.  I have been warned by the dog rescue agency through whom we are fostering that this dog, Manny, will be VERY stressed and unable to learn or process anything for about 3-4 days! Buckle your seatbelts!

 We have not had a dog in a long time and fostering through this rescue seemed like a good way to reacquaint ourselves with the responsibilities, challenges, and joys of having a dog. We were not disappointed! We got to experience wild jumping, snuggles, leash pulling, squirrel-chasing, throw-up, plenty of poop pick-up, and lots and lots of walks and runs....

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