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How to Make a Beautiful Mind

“I really want a partner that makes me feel gaga!” my friend John said to me the other day as we were taking a blustery walk along the trail near my house. After some clarification on what ‘gaga’ meant to him (head-over-heals, in love, joyous) our conversation got really interesting. What we noted together was that John was interested in this ideal partner (an external resource) who would make him feel a certain way inside (internal state). I asked John if it would be possible to come from a more expansive view around this gaga feeling. I mean why limit ourselves to such a restrictive experience (John had been dating but wasn’t getting the gaga feeling). I decided to propose a wild idea - “John, what if we could feel gaga regardless of the external things/people in our lives? What if that feeling were available to us anytime? What if we don’t have to rely on getting something external to ourselves to create a state of being that we...

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