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Transformation... In Process

What if 2020 were not the worst year ever, but the most incredible, powerful, and transformational we have known?

What if it were happening FOR us rather than TO us?

What if it provided the perfect recipe to create sustainable shifts that uplifted and empowered our environment and our people? What if it created the perfect conditions to dismantle systems that disempower and disconnect us from our inter-connection and our shared humanity?

What if we started by dismantling our own internal systems that disconnect us from our deeper wisdom?

Of course the unknown is often quite scary.
We can get immobilized, overwhelmed, and fearful. We may want to curl up and hibernate (I had some of those feelings this morning).

Here is the thing I am learning though - we can hold all of that AND simultaneously allow ourselves to be called forward, to declare powerfully what we are aligned with and create without knowing all of the steps. We can be in the goo - unfamiliar and confusing. We run a marathon one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. And if you have ever run a marathon - you know it can get a little messy sometimes.

Here is the thing - nobody knows all of the details and logistics of our path. Once again, we are building the plane as we are flying. And we get to build it!

Disruption creates a clearing from which the new gets generated.

I think once again of some of our models in nature. When the caterpillar goes into the cocoon most of the old structures are actually dissolved into a goo from which the new formation of the butterfly is created.

Natural forest fires actually contribute to a healthy forest ecosystem.

From breakdown come breakthroughs.

We GET to be part of the evolution of our species - it is happening RIGHT NOW!

Will you join me?


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