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How This Mug Keeps Me Connected to My Intentions

Making this mug was the first thing I successfully did after falling onto a concrete sub-floor and sustaining multiple impacts, including a closed-head injury. After being out of commission for 2-3 weeks, my artist friend, Bonny Lundy, scooped me up and took me to an open ceramics studio. There was a wisdom in her actions, helping me rewire my brain through doing - in this case the use of my hands (this is the whole beautiful premise of occupational therapy). I was delighted to be playing in the clay, my senses coming back alive through engagement. And I thought my mug was AMAZING. Not just in a quirky hand-made cool kind of way - it is that. But in a ‘THIS IS PHENOMENAL’ kind of way (there really were some cognitive misfirings going on). I laugh as I hold it in my hands now and see it more clearly - imperfections, uneven walls, cracks at the seams. And yet it is still so efficient, holding my tea daily for nearly 10 years and counting.

I could have easily died or been permanently disabled in that fall. Could have left my 3 year old daughter without a functioning mother. I feel blessed each day that I have made a full recovery. We know that these brushes with death often catapult us into a deeper connection with what is truly important in our lives. And it certainly did for me - my life changed drastically after recovering from that injury. And it is changing again as I am developing the next phase of my life’s work. And yet as we get distance from the intensity of the experience, even the best of intentions often fade into the background of our busy of lives.

Drinking from this mug is a daily reminder to me that we only get a little bit of time and we don't know how much. That we had better take our lives by the reigns and live it to the fullest! It reminds me to hold my deepest intentions close, literally in my hands. What are your heart-centered intentions? How will you remind yourself to stay close to them?

Do This:

  1. Write down your 3 most heart-centered intentions for your life (writing helps us encode information into memory for easier retrieval aka makes it stickier).
  2. Write down what object you will interact with daily that will act as a reminder to remember what is most important in your life (could be a favorite scarf, mug, stone, picture, piece of music, your intentions written out and made visible, or even an altar, etc.). Ideally it is an object that you can utilize more than one of your senses with such as seeing and holding or hearing and ‘doing’ (proprioception). This embeds it in your memory more efficiently.
  3. Share the story of your chosen object with someone.  Another way to imprint into your memory.


I would love to hear about your intentions and your ‘object'.


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