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Feeling A Little 2D?

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

If you look closely that picture is two of me in one photograph!

Why is this relevant to feeling a little, well, flat right now? Read on to find out!

Living so much of our lives on screens can leave us feeling a bit flat and 2D! So my daughter Leila and I took a much-needed trip to rest & rejuvenate in nature this past weekend.

We spent time hiking, slowing down, journaling, relaxing, & being off of tech (or at least greatly reduced!).


This is one of those duh-aha moments you may hear me reference. This is when something happens that seems obvious or simple and it is highly impactful.

OF COURSE I know that unscheduled time is essential to the creative brain (this is why we often get incredible ideas in the shower or meditating). And yet like most humans, I need constant reminders in life of the things I already know!

I noticed some cool spaces within me opening up when every moment wasn't filled with a to-do list.

* I started giving myself permission to write - not writing with an agenda but writing to see what wanted to flow out from within me!

* I practiced singing every day which is new to me - I have never thought of myself as a 'singer' (I love trying to get the sultry vocal range of Norah Jones and I am nowhere close!). For those of you who have heard me sing on a meditation - I declare we will have a re-do at some point and I will be in tune... maybe.

* Leila and I had fun playing with photography (see above - cool trick you can do to create a double image of the same person in the panorama setting of iphone).

* I related to cooking and doing the dishes and getting firewood as enjoyable rather than to be 'gotten out of the way' so I could get to the next thing.

In short, more presence, more savoring, and more connection to aspects of myself that I want to cultivate more of...




I'm noticing the shift in choice about how I get to allocate my time and attention when these technology devices are treated as a tool to support me rather than allowing them to become my master. And I'm not the only one.

Often when I support my clients to create boundaries on their work demands and screen time, their worlds become more 3 dimensional. Then when they start letting themselves play more and dabble without an agenda or a necessary outcome (I know, how is this productive?!) they start to open to this incredible cascade effect of fun and joy that ripples into all areas of their lives. A river of vitality, laughter, playfulness, delight, & creative ideas ensues!!

Remember those? :)

More of that please...

Want to create access to more of your own joy, creativity, and delight?

Practices to try:

1. Schedule a daily block of unscheduled time and protect it - I know, I know - the irony of having to schedule unscheduled time! Use this time to do something expressive you really WANT to do - skip, draw, sing aloud, dance, write. Could be as short as 10 minutes. Do it daily for maximum results.

2. Create a parameter within which you will use your devices (ie. 8am-8pm or really stretch yourself and try 9am - 6pm) then practice putting them away and honoring your own boundary!

These simple (though not necessarily easy) practices can CHANGE your life if you allow them, especially right now when many of us are experiencing serious screen fatigue and feel, well, a little 2 dimensional.

P.S. If it's time to stop dreaming about feeling more fulfilled and joyful in ALL areas of your life and to get into action to clear the obstacles & create your life BY DESIGN, book a Discovery call today! I can't wait to have virtual coffee with you and hear more about what you want to create next in your life. SCHEDULE HERE


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