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Hello there, I'm Selena.

I partner closely with motivated go-getters who want the next level of meaning & impact (and even dare to wonder if joy & ease could happen too) but feel stuck and unsure of how to upgrade their operating system.

Have you been really successful in some areas of your life and yet some areas still have you scratching your head?

Do you have the sense that there has got  be more to this life?

There is more, so much more available my friend.

Joy, ease, AND fulfillment are all possible.

I know because I have been in your shoes. 

Book a Discovery Call today to see if working with me could take you to your next level.


 Book a 30 minute Discovery Call. Stop wasting time and start living the life you really want!


"From the first time we spoke Selena's demeanor gave me a sense of peace and calm. She has a way of hearing past all of the chaos and turmoil to get to what is important. I feel like I am capable of doing things that I never would have considered before. I see the potential 'me' that I was never able to envision on my own. She is perceptive, patient, and truly caring. I am so grateful that I found her. "

-Marjan Teymoori

""What I see now is that the limiting thoughts and beliefs I had when I started working with Selena were things that I thought were un-changeable. I thought they were just part of who I was. Selena supported me in realizing that they were all just stories that I had taken on early in life and that I could create a new narrative. With these tools I have gotten access to my own vitality & purpose again and have been creating incredible projects. INCLUDING AN AMAZING NEW RELATIONSHIP which I did not think would happen again in this lifetime. Thank you Selena!"

-Brian Cormier

Ready to Uplevel Your Life? Book A Free 30 Minute Discovery Call Today

Been trying to figure things out on your own? Believe me, I get it - I spent longer than I care to remember spinning my wheels. Here is the great news... it absolutely does not need to take that long! Find out more about how a powerful coaching partnership can support you in moving beyond your limitations (especially the ones you likely aren't seeing that are the key to unlocking everything you want!) so you can create 'success' on your terms. Whether we are a fit to work together or not, you will walk away with some powerful insights and next steps.

Want to know what I'm curious about?

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