Hello there, I'm Selena

About Selena...

Hi, I'm Selena Brouillette Reames. Want to know a little more about me and the work I am here to do?

I have a tiny mission...

To create a ripple effect of compassion, creativity, and connection across humanity. One person at a time. Living into our own human potential is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our loved ones, our businesses, and our communities.

This is how we change the world. 

As a Transformational Life Coach I am dedicated to all things that support the internal evolution of my clients and empowering them to live truly expressed and connected to their own unique purpose!



This is my grandmother, Idalee Brouillette Reames. I do this work in honor of her, in honor of all of my ancestors and the foundational work that they did to bring me here. In honor of my own parents and my daughter and all of her friends and their unborn children and grandchildren that their feet may land on healthy soil and into a world of peace. 

My mission of changing the fabric of our culture through the empowerment of individuals and groups acts as my guiding North Star.

When it gets hard or scary, when I feel lost in the obstacles - my own and those outside of me, I look into my daughter's face and commit to her future. I look to the model of my mother who has worked to leave this world a better place. I look at this picture of my grandmother Idalee Brouillette and think of all of the contributions she would have liked to make in this world.  I look within myself and know my true purpose of expanding our capacity as humans to love. 

Now let's get to work! There are 3 ways to work with me.

1. Group Coaching

Reach out to me about offering workshops and trainings in your business or community to facilitate compassionate communication, trust, & connection in your culture.

2. Individual Coaching

Ever feel like you know there has got to be more in this life for you? That there is some next level you can't quite get to in your personal or professional life? I still love working one-on-one to support you in moving through your limiting patterns and beliefs so you can blow past your own glass ceiling and into FULL EXPRESSION in your personal and professional life. Book your free 30 minute Discovery Session and talk to me live to see if we are a fit to move you forward! SCHEDULE FREE DISCOVERY SESSION!


Work with me through my CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE digital course where we harness the power of our minds to deepen our relationship to ourselves and others. I am currently taking my successful in-person course and making it more widely available in an online live format. Sign-up to get notified as soon as enrollment opens. NOTIFY ME!


This life is precious, we have no more time to waste living small.....

Get the 3 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS to start deepening connection right now to your true self, purpose, and the world.


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